Ironman 703

Sprint Distance Triathlon Race Course

Swim will start in the shores of Bellevue Hotel. Due to the tides, participants will walk to the starting line of the swim from the shore lines. The 750 Meter swim will be rectangular and clockwise format. Participants will exit the walkway from the swim heading to the shores entering transition.


The 20 kilometer bike course will start in the confines of Bellevue Hotel, exiting narrow roads leading to the open roads of the island. Roads are in good condition and the course is relatively flat. The DauisPanglao Road will be the main part of the bike course. The course will be relatively flat, with several hilly areas. On the main road participants will turn left after Dauis Church. Participants will head to the 10km Turn around point before heading back to Bellevue.


The 5km run course will start from Bellevue, the course is composed of relatively flat, paved roads, with some country roads. Passing through old houses and forested areas, the roads are narrow but the area is wide open. A 2.5km out and back course before heading to the Finish line.